Homewood Farm

   We harvest 40 acres of Maine wild blueberries that are located in the Blue Hill area. We have a fresh pack facility here on the farm where they are cleaned and packed into pint  and quart containers. Our berries are sold here on the farm, at many local markets and some go out of state to markets. You can also purchase them in bulk, all cleaned and by the pound. If you don't live in Maine and you want to splurge on the fresh wild ones in season, we now offer next day deliveries. The blueberry season runs through late July to the end of August. Call for more information. 



    •    Pint $3.00

    •   Quart $5.50 Or 4 Qt or more @ $5.00 each.    
    •    Bulk 2.25 per lb. 

    •    Next day shipping  call for info.  (207) 610-0935 Or  (207) 374-9903